ANTI AGEING Tips by Dr Urmil sharma

Ageing gracefully is in our own hands

ALOEVOERAmother in law tongue… both are harsh but useful

Aloevoera juice with lemon juice and cold cream is good for facial

Honey and grounded masoor dal good facial scrub

Aloevoera and lemon juice hair pack good for shiny

strong hair and prevent hair loss

TURMERIC is antibiotic and steroid… a very good spice

Kacchihaldi crushed put in water with little sendhanamak and dalchini powder… drink in morning good for health and anti ageing.

TULSI GOOD ANTISEPTIC... tulsi leaves and hot water..drink it as green tea is good for health

CURRY LEAVES eat raw good for health

MINT LEAVES eat raw.. good


Dr. Urmil Sharma                     

 Dr. Sharda Jain

Dr. Meenakshi Sharma 


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